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WHILE SANTA FE IS FILLED with a rich cultural life in every season, nothing compares to what is taking place right now. Santa Fe reaches its artistic crescendo during the last eight weeks of summer, and it’s the time to absorb all of the energy that has gone into creating significant art forms.

Considering all the arts that Santa Fe is proud to offer, we stand side by side with some of the great festivals in the world, such as those in Edinburgh, Scotland, and Charleston, South Carolina. Of course we have several major advantages over those destinations: lovely, sunny mild weather; more manageably sized crowds; and easy access to nature—all enveloped in the magical spiritual feeling of Santa Fe.

Santa Fe is well known for our art scene, and the many artistic achievements reflected in the coming pages are impressive. This year, the offerings arise in most genres, suitable for all tastes. We feature Anne Hillerman, one of the many wonderful writers who call Santa Fe home. We share the artistic efforts of the builders and interior designers who create homes that capture the Santa Fe lifestyle. In summer, the arts come alive from the Plaza to the hills, with the sounds of flamenco, symphonic music, opera, chorale, and chamber music wafting through our downtown streets and into our hearts.

Every day in Santa Fe is a festival of creativity, but right now is when it all happens simultaneously. As you move through the pages of Santa Fean, and then through the streets of Santa Fe, let creativity touch your life and allow yourself to experience the emotions that are, possibly, buried Monday through Friday.

During the creative process, something sparks in every art or artisan, providing inspiration. The more you, the viewer, can feel this, the more value the art has. By allowing yourself to be touched this way, your own creative side will have a chance to blossom. When you think of the purpose of art in all its forms, isn’t that the ultimate goal?

It’s what this time in Santa Fe is about. Soak it all in.

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