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THE ART WORLD TODAY is vast and varied, ranging from major international auction houses and museum acquisitions to the teenager who pins something on a bedroom wall. There are artists who have made great careers by painting mundane, everyday objects. At the other end of the spectrum, there is installation and digital media art, and today’s technology will continue to open completely new genres. Museums are tasked with acquiring art that represents this time and place for future generations. That’s one heck of a responsibility.

Recently, I was invited to speak at a major New York art show about trends and directions in the art world. Santa Fe is considered one of the top three art markets in the country, so there was a great deal of interest in how Santa Fe is moving with the national trends. The best possible indicator I can provide is right in front of you. As you leaf through this dedicated art issue of Santa Fean, you will see a huge variety of art in both the editorial and the advertising. The genres represented are as varied as the artists who create them. More and more, you can expect the unexpected.

Santa Fe is such a desirable place to view and purchase art; the city’s relaxed and picturesque setting allows for the experience of art with fewer distractions. While many a museum-worthy piece of art is sold here, the individual collector sets the pace. The successful galleries inspire these collectors with art that takes them somewhere they hadn’t yet imagined.

In New York, I also spoke about Santa Fe’s museum community, which serves to attract and excite art collectors and enthusiasts. In a couple of years, we’ll have a new museum of contemporary art, which will not only further our art credibility, but also keep our imaginations stimulated.

All of this, however, is only important if it’s important to you, the viewer. Art trends, genres, and styles only matter if they touch your heart and soul in a meaningful way. This is still the essence of owning a special piece of art.

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