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THERE’S AN ODD TRAIT common to many of us in which we connect with an artist so completely that our appetite for that artist’s work drives us to acquire many of their creations. You might think one piece would satisfy us, but we apparently need more. This drive is what makes a collector.

There’s an old joke, famous among guitarists, asking how many guitars one person needs. The punch line? “Just one more.” For a collector, there is an inherent craving for just one more item. This craving may come from a variety of motivations: the desire to represent the breadth of an artist’s work; a narrow focus on one phase of an artist’s work; a fascination with art within a certain theme or time frame; and a variety of other reasons that may be more easily felt than identified.

Like a couple of our featured collectors, I too collect eyeglasses. I appreciate the variety of styles, their beauty, and the way each style and color makes me feel. If I collected Corvettes, I would do so for the way each of the cars drove and looked, but mostly it would be about the way they made me feel. We appreciate the nuances of each item in our collection, as each one makes us feel something different from the other pieces. We love the feeling even more when we can absorb an entire collection, and the way in which our hearts are touched both by individual pieces and by the group as a whole.

The beauty in all of this is that collectors follow a desire to experience each individual piece of art within their collection. In a world that often leaves our senses and emotions numb, it’s a beautiful thing when we can connect emotionally with something, often an extraordinarily beautiful piece of art such as the collections featured here demonstrate.

The joy of collecting is that it encourages us to focus, to acquire collectibles in a managed and strategic manner. Yes, a specific piece stirs the heart in a certain way, but it also moves the intellect as we appreciate the bigger artistic statement that comes from collection—and that may be the biggest motivator of all for collectors.

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