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WE SANTA FEANS LOVE our homes. They come in all sizes and shapes here, and most have some connection to the traditions of adobe building style born hundreds of years ago. 

We are fortunate that the local Pueblo and Territorial styles allow flexibility in interior design. The clean, uncluttered lines of these architectural styles allow our personal embellishments to sing. Indeed, it’s in the placement of these embellishments where we locals truly have our fun. First and foremost is that we are able to create spaces that reflect our aesthetic tastes in furnishings, art, and even the design of the home as a whole. If you like houses, few cities can rival Santa Fe’s, where homes function not only as residences but as works of art by virtue of the region’s singular architecture and our own personal touches.

In this issue of Santa Fean, we are taking you into homes built and designed by some of Santa Fe’s finest builders, architects, and interior designers; all have been lovingly adorned by their homeowners. As I’ve said many times in this column, our homes reflect our creative spirit, especially when we finish them with items dear to our hearts. Visitors are able to gain insight into who we are when they see not only the public areas of our homes, but also the more intimate living spaces. It all says so much about each of us. 

Whether you live here in Northern New Mexico or elsewhere, it’s our hope that seeing the featured residences and art in this issue—and most importantly, meeting the homes’ inhabitants—will inspire you to look at yourself and how your home portrays who you are. A home has no higher function than providing refuge and the comfort and peace we all crave.

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