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For the past 100 years, artists from all over the world have been drawn to Santa Fe to explore their creativity. Prior to that, Native Americans and Spaniards had, for centuries, produced beautiful visual, religious, and practical art. Necessary tools like knives and cooking utensils were adorned with beauty in mind. Is it merely the natural loveliness of this area that has inspired such artistry?
While that seems a likely influence, Santa Fe creativity goes far beyond any visual stimulation. Consider the actors, writers, builders, designers, musicians, jewelers, and others whose endeavors take place here. The joke is that everyone is an artist in Santa Fe, and there is a certain degree of truth to that. Something is drawing it out of us.

To me, the area’s creativity—and there’s a serious dose of it in the following pages—comes from many factors that all feed the process. Santa Fe has thousands of years of artisanal history. We continue to have a community that cherishes and respects the artistic process. Artists of all stripes feel safe and welcome here. Our light, our skies, our hills, our mountains, our valleys, and our forests provide a stimulation that stirs the soul. And finally, this is a spiritual place where followers of any creed feel at home and that they’re with their maker.

With all these factors feeding the creative process, how could this not result in extraordinary and beautiful art?

To enhance this outpouring of inspiration, artists need another element: the admirer, the collector, the listener, the reader, or the homeowner, who will appreciate the beauty.

Although there’s plenty of artistic delight in cities all across this country, people who are drawn to creativity are also drawn to Santa Fe.

It might be our history or the winding, adobe-lined streets, or perhaps it’s that mystical light; but something here allows people to turn off both internal and external noise, to really view art, and to let it move them.

Perhaps what pulls people back to this area is the feeling they first had upon seeing Santa Fe’s beautiful art; it’s the opportunity to go to that place in the heart whenever the western breezes of Santa Fe call.

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