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MY PERSONAL ART COLLECTION started somewhere around junior high, with a slew of unframed posters of various sports and music stars taped to the walls of my bedroom. If you’d walked into my bedroom, my sports allegiances would have been instantly clear, as well as my rock music leanings. It would have been easy to deduce a few thoughts about that 13-year-old boy.

None of those posters are still in my possession. Today all of my artwork is beautifully framed—and none of it is taped to the walls! And yet, like my collection of those decades ago, my art provides a clear insight into my psyche, my personality, and what visually stimulates me. It’s an eclectic mix. A few of the pieces in my collection have significant value, while many pieces were acquired more affordably. In every case, the value of the art is clearly in the eyes of the beholder, which is me. All of the pieces do something for me on at least a couple of levels and therefore have value to me. Guests in my home can deduce elements of my personality based on the art itself, not necessarily on its monetary value.

Your art collection has probably evolved over the years as well, but I’m betting it reflects something about you. When entering a home for the first time, my goal is most often to view the art. It says so much about the owner who has chosen to purchase and place these pieces in these particular rooms. Their artwork speaks volumes and tells me something about them, something they might be otherwise uncomfortable sharing. After seeing their art collection, I begin to know far more about them on a deeper level than any conversation might reveal.

We present art in every issue of Santa Fean with the goal of showing something that touches your emotions. It is our hope that by listening to what experts say about collecting and reading what other collectors have to say about the art in their lives, you will have the courage to build a collection that makes bold statements about who you are. Your art collection reveals you. It’s a beautiful statement about what’s so important to you that you would put it on the walls for everyone to see.

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