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While Santa Fe is famous for its architecture, art, and the countless other creations that originate here, there are many amazing individuals behind all this creativity. As we do every People We Love issue, we want to introduce you to a stunning array of people who are doing great things using a variety of talents. Their one commonality is that each has chosen to call Santa Fe home, and much of their achievement begins right here.

Every year, all of us here at Santa Fean take great pride in identifying these very special people. This time, most of our subjects are people that I know personally on one level or another, so I can hereby attest to their lovability! The writers and editors who put these profiles together noted, without equivocation, the kindness, creativity, and, in many cases, humor that runs through all of these personalities and their stories.

Few people live in Santa Fe because of the amazing earning potential of our local economy. Sure, the natural beauty seen in our mountains and skies is alluring, but it seems to me that what draws these creative giants to our town is something less material and more about the magical quality that runs through the veins of our community. That same magic lives in the souls of all Santa Feans as well as many of our part-time residents. We’re less about the financial statements and more about beauty in all shapes and types. We move to the sound of a different beat that can be felt only in a city as special as this one.

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