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IN A PLACE WHERE the sun usually shines brightly, this time of year—with its short days and low sun—is quite the contrast. Our activities and thoughts move in different directions. Whereas my summer evenings are spent on my bike or listening to music on the Plaza, in winter I am more domestic and more introspective. These cold, dark nights have me exploring my home and my life with a different perspective. The changing seasons move us through these phases and may stir up various emotions about our lives and memories from the past. Now is when we take a moment
for reflection.

The holidays come at just the right time. Regardless of your religious persuasion, there seems to be a reason for celebration for just about everyone at this time of year. I appreciate that many of the Native American communities have their ceremonial feast days and dances on Christmas and New Year’s. There are secular events, too, such as the winter solstice. Our spiritual sides identify with these special days to acknowledge the greater universe that surrounds us, and to ponder who we are and how we all fit within it.

There certainly isn’t a better place to reflect on one’s existence than right here in the City of Holy Faith, where natural beauty abounds and sunsets glow. Our performance venues are filled with beautiful music of every sort. The wafting aroma of piñon-filled fireplaces fills our streets and our senses. The great art that surrounds us helps our spirits soar and imagine new worlds. We are in an environment that is so beautiful and far away from the noise.

While the beauty and spirituality of it all sets the stage for a wonderful holiday season, it’s the relationships we enjoy with those around us that we will hold close. The affinity we feel with our fellow Santa Feans, our families, and close friends is what makes the spirituality and the sentiments of the season most memorable. Here’s hoping Santa Fe blesses you with the warmth and the beauty of spirituality, relationships, and joy during this holiday season.

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