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BEING PUBLISHER OF SANTA FEAN magazine has many interesting benefits, but the greatest joy of my job is meeting the variety of people who cross my path. Unique, often quirky, and brilliant in a specific way, the two common denominators are that they all love Santa Fe deeply and they are all lovable in and of themselves. 

The 2019 People We Love are fascinating characters in their passion for their work, the respect they have for culture, and their dogged determination to make a difference. Each one cares deeply for others and each has very consciously selected Santa Fe as the place to build the greatest life possible. The enchantment of this place has allowed them to grow as incredible people. Financial prosperity may have come to some of these folks, but they’ve opted to live in a place where money is not the biggest factor in measuring success. 

Santa Fe has attracted incredible people since artists first started coming here over 100 years ago. The city has continued to lure brilliant writers, actors, scientists, philosophers, businesspeople, politicos, and so many others. I’m sure there are many reasons why this community drew them in—and why those born in the area have stayed—but the creative environment, filled with other amazing people and a beautiful lifestyle, keeps them here doing their fine work. The city seems to fuel them in their endeavors. 

While the natural resources surrounding Santa Fe are abundant, this issue reminds us that our greatest natural resource is the City Different’s inhabitants. In truth, this population is like no other. We invite you to read about these beautiful individuals and look at how your own beauty fits in our beloved city. 

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