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Publisher's Note

SANTA FE WAS RECENTLY recognized by National Geographic at an international awards ceremony in Berlin as being number one in the world for “sense of place.” Given our architecture, there’s no confusing us with any other city. Our homes, whether contemporary or traditional, reinforce the unmistakably Santa Fe look.

Santa Feans are extraordinarily innovative in either preserving the architectural styles that first brought fame to the City Different, or creating modern homes that draw upon elements of the traditional. The homes featured in this issue beautifully reflect the features that define this Santa Fe feeling. More important, they are representative of the tastes and wishes of the homeowners.

Santa Fe’s talented local architects, designers, builders, and interior designers are unusually adept in their ability to listen to their clients, come up with design plans, and build solutions that help create a sense of place in a home.

Tess, the cat depicted on the cover, curled up on a cozy chair looking out over our incredible Santa Fe scenery, beautifully expresses the satisfaction and comfort that we all crave. (I’m told she thoroughly enjoyed that photo shoot!) Whether it is in a permanent dwelling or a vacation spot, a home is for relaxation and rejuvenation, as well as being the setting for all of life’s little dramas.

In the end, it’s this sense of place that provides the ultimate goal of tranquility and contentment. Like Tess the cat, we want to enjoy our environment and to be totally relaxed and at peace. As you seek those feelings in your own residence, I hope the homes and the artwork presented in this issue help inspire you to create spaces that meet your greatest desires. There’s nothing like home ownership, or the peace and pride that come with it.

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