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Publisher's Note

I HAVE TO WARN YOU: It will take time to really absorb this issue.

Art is best judged over time. The work of artistic masters from centuries ago is still important because it’s as powerful today as it was 500 years ago. You may have a painting in your home that you’ve owned for decades and still love as much as, or even more than, when you first acquired it. Museum curators, gallery directors, and art collectors look for work that holds meaning over time. If you have such pieces in your collection, you chose well.

In this issue we feature a number of artists whose work has stood the test of time. I encourage you to not just give these pieces a cursory glance but to look at them deeply. An image in a magazine is not the same as an actual painting, of course, but even so, look for the deeper qualities within the art, those qualities that will grip you now and in the future.

It is difficult to choose art for someone else, even a spouse or close friend. The effect of a painting on one person may not be shared by another. Living with art is such a personal experience that even our closest connections can’t always predict what will stir us. In our crazy world we rarely buy something for ourselves such as a painting, yet art might be just exactly what our souls need. I can’t think of a better investment for my own well-being than a piece of art that reminds me of my humanity and the deeper person within.

As you look though the stunning art in these pages, including the gorgeous gallery advertisements, consider it in the context I’m suggesting. Does it stir emotions inside of you? Do you feel like it will stand the test of time? When you find a piece of art that gives you positive answers to these questions, you have found something special just for you. Put it in a place in your home where it can deliver that emotionally stirring experience for years to come.

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