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WE OFTEN HEAR that our home is our biggest investment. Though true from a financial standpoint, a home is also a wonderful investment in ourselves. It’s where we find peace in a noisy world, rejuvenate ourselves, and create an environment where we have some control. Homes are at the heart of our lives, providing a haven for the people and activities we most love.

I often get the opportunity to see different houses here in Santa Fe. I can’t help but put myself into those homes, imagining how I would arrange them—where would I place my art,  store my bikes, or set my piano? How would I situate the bed and other furniture in the house? I envision how the house would work for entertaining as well as for quiet times. I wonder how it would accommodate my pets. Everyone has different priorities for home design and ownership. What are yours?

In this Home Issue of Santa Fean, we take an in-depth look at how three Santa Fe families have answered these questions and made homes out of houses. Whether building from the ground up or modifying an existing property, our home is the place where we all get to be artists and express ourselves.  

The more open floor plans of today also allow for making changes to the functions of a room. In my home, what used to be a TV/family room is now a music studio. The furniture, wall decorations, and storage areas all have been selected to support this purpose. You can do that with any room in your home—perhaps turning an unused guest bedroom into an office, sewing room, or meditation space. I still think of the home where a bedroom was turned into a model train room. That homeowner loved having a room dedicated to the pursuit of his hobby. That epitomizes home ownership.

Your home is your life. As you read about these Santa Fe residences and their owners, I hope you are inspired to think about your own home. I especially encourage you to define the life you want to live and let your new or existing home set the stage for a wonderful life. 


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