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AUGUST AND SEPTEMBER are months of sensory overload in Santa Fe. Beauty surrounds us this time of year and comes to a crescendo during our summer season, and music is always in the air. Whether it be opera, chamber music, jazz, rock, blues, or almost any other style of music, it can all be found here during the next 10 weeks. The same is true of artistic endeavors. The galleries of Santa Fe are busy featuring their top artists through openings, demonstrations, and other events. While we have included many of the highlights in this issue, be sure to go to and click on our calendar page—it will give you an even vaster array of possibilities. 

Behind every single one of these musical, theatrical, and artistic productions lies the spirit of creative people at work—men and women who completely dedicate themselves to creating beauty. The monetary rewards don’t even begin to compensate their hard work, passion, dedication, and talent. There is something far more important that drives them to produce the extraordinary results that we get to witness.

My own experience with creative pursuits convinces me that we each have something to articulate—something that has to be said. What stirs inside artists and performers is so important that they are compelled, despite often daunting odds, to release it into the world. 

And release it they do. In this Arts + Culture issue of Santa Fean, we have done our best to capture the amazing creativity that is on display during Indian Market, throughout the art galleries, and on every stage, real or impromptu, within our city and surrounding area.  

Seeing the results of this creativity—and allowing it to stir the creativity living within all of us—is exciting. But, remember that professional artists don’t have the market cornered on creativity. You might hear or see something in the coming weeks that triggers your own creative soul. It may compel you to make a purchase or it may inspire your own musical or artistic endeavors. Who knows what shape it will take, but I promise you satisfaction from the process. 

BRUCE ADAMS                                         Click here for Seen Around

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